Come explore with me!

You may have read my intro already. If so, thank you! If not, here’s a recap:

I have my feet in two worlds…sometimes more. I graduated from Penn State in 2007 with a bachelor’s and master’s in musicology and soon after moved to Nebraska. Obviously, I wasn’t surprised by the dearth of musicology jobs here (or anywhere). I took a little time to get used to Nebraska life (no trees?) and post-college life (no homework?) and to figure out where to go from there. I also got married. Yay! I entered the community counseling program at University of Nebraska-Kearney in Spring 2011. My husband is still a full time musician and teacher and sometimes we even make music together. D’awwwww. So one foot is in counseling, one in music…you get my drift.

The counseling program has been a great fit for me so far and I look forward to wherever my career may take me. It’s an opportunity to help make my tiny corner of the world a better, happier place. It’s also a career that values me and all of the influences that make up my worldview, and challenges me to think on my feet and to keep learning.

I love writing and use it to explore my thoughts and feelings about things in my life. “Feet in Two Worlds” came about because I would like to explore issues that we simply don’t have time for in class.

I’m still learning, and whether you’re a counselor or not, come explore with me!


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