I have a lot of papers due all at once. Look, a guinea pig!

I want to write quality posts for this blog, so no new posts for a week or so until I get my workload under control. I have a few really interesting (well, I think) posts in the works that need some additional time and research.

In the meantime, please meet my pets!

This is Lucy. She is actually the oldest of the family (5 years) and was a birthday gift from my husband when we first started dating. I knew he was a keeper! Lucy always looks like she is smiling, and has brown markings on her rear that look like pants.

This is Marcy. We’re not sure, but she might actually be part Muppet. Marcy is, uh, big-boned. One of her distant relatives must have been long-haired, because Marcy has a clump of longer hairs sticking out from behind her ears and about 12 very long hairs that trail off her rear.

This is Penny. We think she is half pug, half bulldog, which explains both why she is clingy and why she weighs a good, muscular 40 pounds (well above the norm for purebred pugs). You can usually find Penny staring at me for no particular reason as I do my homework every evening. This picture was taken one such evening.

And this is Ellie, our newest family member. As you can see, Ellie has absolutely no modesty. You can often find her in this position on our floor, impersonating a shag rug. Ellie enjoys getting into the guinea pig cage after it’s been freshly cleaned. She doesn’t bother the guinea pigs, who continue to do their business while giving the cat a “whatever, dude” look.

I enjoy applying systems theory to our “family,” and oddly enough, it still works out sometimes. Maybe I’ll post on that the next time I have too much work to actually post.

Hope you enjoyed the Eckhardt version of Cute Overload!


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