The blog hiatus ends. Actual counseling-related material to come soon!

Hi there! I apologize for running away on everyone and publishing only silly posts! (Ok, I don’t apologize  for the silly posts…they were fun to write, and who doesn’t like cute animal pictures?)

In the few weeks that I wasn’t writing here, I had to finish several papers, get through the biennial head cold of doom, and go here:


My husband and I took about 80 of his band students on a trip to the Windy City during their spring break this week. It was great getting to see some of the touristy things in the city (don’t be a snob, everyone should do them!) and watching his students experience some things for the first time.

We went to Millenium Park:

And I saw the Aon Center. Funny thing: The Aon Center (formerly the Standard Oil Building) was designed by Edward Durell Stone, a noted American architect. I have worked in two other Edward Durell Stone buildings in my lifetime, including the Kennedy Center. It’s notable since they’re not incredibly common.

I didn't realize the Cubs existed in their own time zone known as "Cubs Time."

We poked around Wrigley Field.

My husband and I attempted to eat pizza at Gino’s East AGAIN. The first time, our flight was delayed so much we couldn’t. The second time, our flight was fine but there wasn’t enough time to head downtown so we had pizza at Giordano’s instead. The third time (this time), we didn’t have the 45 minutes required to bake said pizza. So, fourth time’s charm?

Gino's East encourages patrons to leave their marks. There WOULD be a picture of pizza here...but we didn't eat any pizza.

We saw the world-famous Chicago Theater. And when I say world-famous, I mean to everyone except myself. I had no idea there was such a thing. Duh.

Seriously, I thought the letters on the cover of the Chicago DVD were just sort of made up.

Most importantly, we were able to expose the kids to some new arts experiences. They played a clinic for the band director at Wheaton College, who gave them many pointers on how to play more musically. It’s really good for ensembles to hear advice from other conductors, if you’re unfamiliar with the process. I love exploring new college campuses, and Wheaton College was disturbingly beautiful and spotless, as well as the town of Wheaton–the college campus equivalent of a perfectly groomed lady with every hair in place.

The kids got to experience the Blue Man Group, and LOVED it. I think there’s a post in the works about Blue Man Group and what I’ve taken away from both times I’ve seen the show, so more on that later.

Lastly, the kids went here:

Chicago Symphony Orchestra!!! It was a cultural excursion after all, and it was so neat to be a part of many students’ first trip to hear an orchestra. The orchestra played Brahms’s Violin Concerto in D Major and Symphony No. 2 in D Major, with Riccardo Muti conducting and Pinchas Zukerman on violin. What a way to start! Yes, it was also the performance in which this happened. Really sad, and not the greatest example of concert etiquette (or, um, basic civility) after reminding the students of proper etiquette. All in all, they loved the symphony!

Actually lastly, we took the kids here:


What?! We can’t expect a bunch of high school students to be highbrow alllll the time. They would be insufferable!

And that is what I’ve been up to! Look for another post this weekend or early next week, and I promise it will have some relation to counseling!


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