YAY!!: An article that my professor and I have been working on since last May has been accepted for publication by the ACA affiliate journal The Journal of Creativity in Mental Health! I believe it will be published this summer, but I’ll put out more details once I know. (For all I know, I am not supposed to publicize this fact…but nothing from the JCMH indicates otherwise, so…)

Getting published has been a goal for me since graduation from Penn State. I could have done it there and didn’t take advantage of the opportunities, and have regretted it ever since. I am so glad to have a second chance and to actually accomplish my goal, along with an awesome coauthor and some wonderful family support!

Also in big, exciting news, our dear friends Lindsay and Krish got engaged today. Louie and I couldn’t be more excited for them! (And if you haven’t checked it out, Linz’s blog is amazing and delicious.)

Who knows what the rest of today holds? Happy first day of spring!



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