Counselor self-care: Mental vacation time!

It’s the end of spring break for us UNK students. The weather cleared up again and is beautiful. I achieved a major life goal this week, and there are some other good things on the horizon. So instead of taxing ourselves discussing weighty issues, let’s take a mental vacation to experience springtime in Nebraska!

Sandals and green grass! It sure felt nice to wear these shoes to work today.

Our neighbor’s magnolia tree hangs into our backyard, and I couldn’t be happier about this situation. It’s one of the prettiest magnolia trees in the neighborhood.

This building greets me at work every time I drive in. It’s the main exhibit building at the museum where I work. True fact: This building was designed by American architect Edward Durell Stone, who also designed the Kennedy Center in D.C. I have worked in both, and as far as I know, I’m the only person that’s worked in two Stone buildings.

This engine, boarding car, and caboose sit right outside my office. The caboose has a glass cupola and lots of windows, and I like to think about how it would make a great tiny home for one person. Maybe the museum would let me do an experiment where I move into the caboose for a week?

This doesn’t look like much, but it’s actually a piece of history. The worn grass in the foreground is actually wagon swales from the California Overland Trail, created during the California Gold Rush around 1849. Back then, this land was all open prairie and my town hadn’t yet been settled. Amazing that these are still visible!

The ducks! These guys waddle all over the property and are obviously very, very hungry, and very, very good at communicating that. (That’s a duck food dispenser, by the way.) They’re also very, very tame. See the black one and the spotted one on the left? They’re called crested ducks and have little feather bobbles on their heads, making a ridiculous/adorable animal even more ridiculous/adorable.

This is not from work. Chicks for sale in the farm supply stores are a sure sign of spring in Nebraska! Our Tractor Supply had about 6 different breeds. These are something fancier than your generic chicken (hence the fancy wings), but I have no idea what. You can hear the peeping from every corner of the store!

I was going to complete the unintentional poultry theme with a shot of one of the tom turkeys that live between home and work, but didn’t get it in time. He was puffed up and looking all kinds of turkey sexy…hopefully not for me. Sorry dude, you’re not my type!

Hope you enjoyed mental vacation to central Nebraska and you can get outside to experience spring for yourself soon!


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