Party on! It’s Counseling Awareness Month!

He's the official mascot of Counseling Awareness Month, naturally.

In celebration of Counseling Awareness Month, Jen from The Pursuit of Sassiness and I have launched our own mini-campaign about why counseling is important. We’re both really passionate about our field and hope to share that passion with you!

If you are sorting through some life issues, no matter the size, and are wondering if counseling can help you, check Jen’s post out here.

If you are a counseling student or new professional and want to know how you can become more active in the counseling field, read my post here.

If you’re doing anything for Counseling Awareness Month, we’d love to hear about it! Especially if it involves cake. Or adorably hairy hamsters.

Update: My department head asked if I could post the University of Nebraska-Kearney Counseling Awareness Month flyer, and I am happy to oblige! It’s a great program if you live in Central Nebraska and are thinking about becoming a counselor!

UNK Counseling Awareness Month 2012


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