Hello, Baton Rouge!

The internet tells me this is part of the LSU campus. I hope it's right.

The paperwork was signed and delivered today: This August, Louie and I will be moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, so that he can pursue his Doctorate of Musical Arts (DMA) in trumpet at Louisiana State University with Dr. Brian Shaw. This a great school and Louie will do very well. He’s an incredible musician and natural teacher, and any school that hires him after his DMA is very lucky.

In addition to, uh, regular trumpet, Louie plans to study Baroque trumpet with Dr. Shaw. In case you’re wondering, these are Baroque trumpets:

And THIS is apparently the “traditional” way to stand when you play it:

Nope, nothing hilarious here! (Sorry, honey. I plan to giggle about this for the next three years, if not the rest of our lives. Tee hee.)

I’ll be finishing up my degree by completing my internship in Louisiana. (If you have any leads on counseling internships in the Baton Rouge area, I’d be 100% less stressed right now, and would love you forever. Maybe even bake you some cookies.)

I haven’t been to Baton Rouge yet, but secondhand sources (my husband + the internet) tell me it’s nice. Other secondhand sources (TLC + the internet) tell me there are crazy catfish noodlers and giant cockroaches. These conflicting accounts aside, we would appreciate information on good places to eat and visit!

We’re both excited to start this new, more humid chapter in our lives!


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