Well, I handed in the last paper and now I’m eating a little homemade ice cream while watching trashy TV and typing this. There are giant storms all around here but no heading to the basement yet. Life is good–I’m done till June!

It has been an epic semester. Like any semester, there were some serious downs, but there were more incredible ups. I can’t think of any space of time in which so many good things have happened! A quick rundown:

My paper, called “Mindful Music Listening as a Potential Treatment for Depression,” coauthored with Dr. Julie Dinsmore, comes out on June 29 in the Journal of Creativity of Mental Health. I’ve always wanted to get something published, and Dr. Dinsmore’s expert guidance helped immensely. THANK YOU, Dr. Dinsmore!! Can’t wait to do it again!

My first “Member Spotlight” column for the Association for Creativity in Counseling’s semiannual newsletter will run this month. To the two wonderful editors who suggested this idea, THANK YOU!!

I received a scholarship for school and got to meet the two wonderful people that set up the scholarship fund. Louie and I really appreciate the financial assistance, since next year is going to be tight. To the CSP faculty who believe in me, THANK YOU! And to Dr. and Mrs. Kempf, THANK YOU!!

There is another exciting project in the works but more on that later! But I will say in advance to the people who believed in me to give me this opportunity, THANK YOU!

Aaaaaaand, my wonderful husband got accepted to a top-notch doctoral school! I couldn’t be more excited to pack up and head to Louisiana. THANK YOU, honey, for your persistance and ambition, and also for choosing a location with year-round warm weather. You’re going to do great things!

Like I said, it’s been a HUGE semester. School + work + preparing to pack up and move has been stressful. THANK YOU!! to my family and friends that have hung in there with us, and to everyone at school that is helping to make this transition as smooth as possible. And THANK YOU! to everyone that’s been reading and helping with this blog–I love writing it, and can’t wait to dive back in now that there’s some time.

Up next: Driving to Kearney four days a week for class, including my practicum. I’m a little nervous about getting my 40 hours in, but I’m getting more and more excited to dive in and work with some clients. Can’t wait to report on that!

And in the meantime: writing blog posts, getting the house ready to sell, reading stuff for fun, and taking my first trip to the Rockies. Life is good, and to everyone around me, THANK YOU!!


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