Where I’ve been the past week: The numbers

Okay, two of these are actually for class.

Sorry, I’ve been rather absent. I needed to engage with real life a little bit, and it’s been great! Here’s what I’ve been up to.

Books ordered: 5 (I may be a little overambitious). I’m reading Carl Rogers’s On Becoming a Person right now, and it’s wonderful. I can see the beginnings of so many fundamental ideas of the counseling field. Up next, some Rollo May…hope he’s as accessible as Rogers.

House projects and meetings: 3. Our house goes up for sale at the beginning of June. We love our little house and are sad to see it go, so I hope whoever buys it loves it just as much. Also, it felt great to rip the awful carpet off the front stairs and I wish we had done it much sooner. Note to self for future houses: Don’t wait on easy projects.

Graduation parties attended: 9. And this was a light year! This was Louie’s last graduation weekend at his school. He’s had this class of students since they were freshman. They’re good kids, and we wish them luck!

Internship leads: 1? I recommend not trying to do your internship in a completely different region unless you or your colleagues have contacts there. Ouch. However, I have one really exciting prospect. Please send positive thoughts down to Baton Rouge!

Episodes of Star Trek Deep Space Nine watched: I have no idea, being that Louie is trying to convert me and I just end up cracking jokes and then playing Draw Something on my phone. It lacks the cheesiness of the original series and the Captain Picard of Next Generation. Sorry hon, but I enjoy spending the time with you!

Moths that pooed on me: Pretending it was only 1. IT WAS NOT OK. The good news here is that our porch is now (mostly) habitable, especially during the day. I need my reading spot back, for reasons listed above.

Confetti Cake Mini Blizzards eaten: only 1. Thankfully. Run and eat one now!

Blog posts: 0. Oops. This number will change by early this week–stay tuned!


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