And now, from the Department of Crazy…

…we bring you June 2012. It was a strange month! In no particular chronological order:

  • We listed our house on June 2. On June 3, our house was listed as a rental on Craigslist. Obviously, it was a scam. On June 4, people started  coming to our door in order to check out the “rental” property. Thankfully, the “for sale” sign gave the scam away. Our house was pretty much sold by the end of the month. Yay!
  • My husband found us a great place to live. It is great because it has everything we need all on one floor. It is also great because it is near a P.F. Chang’s.
  • I started seeing clients for my practicum. I’ve learned many lessons and have good/bad/strange experiences every day. It’s certainly not dull and eats up much of my time. I’m still in the nerve wracking, not sure of myself stage. I’ll report back on any improvements or insights later.
  • I met legendary TV host Dick Cavett! He’s originally from central Nebraska, and I had been in the audience when he was the guest on Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Melast month. So while I never got my photo with Carl Kasell, I did get this photo a month later.

    Carl Kasell, this WILL be you one day!

  • I witnessed the Tractor Relay Across Nebraska on the way home from school one day. It was interesting, hilarious, and…slow. I was thankfully on the other side of the road.
  • I joined the Louisiana Counseling Association. It was kind of sad to give up my Nebraska membership, but also exciting. I look forward to being an active member and making lots of contacts! See you at the LCA Conference in October!
  • It is approximately a million degrees outside, with 227% humidity. That is the conservative estimate. Every single person says this when I mention we are moving to Baton Rouge: “Oh! It’s humid down there!” To which I say: “…???…”
  • My paper FINALLY gets published this week! If you’re really excited to read it (come on, you totally are) and don’t have access, please email me at and I’ll send you an e-print.
  • And, THE CRAZIEST THINGS YET…This dear ol’ blog got posted by Anne Rice (she of the vampire fame) to her Facebook page. It’s still a mystery, but she somehow found the “Convictions of Conscience” Clauses post. I was surprised, to say the least, to return from class and find hundreds of page views to the blog because a famous author recommended something I wrote. Thank you, Ms. Rice! Hello new readers! Thank you for reading, stick around and make yourselves comfy, and join the conversation!

Technically, we still have 2 more days of June, although I’d be really relieved if absolutely nothing happened tomorrow and Saturday. Fingers crossed for an uneventful weekend! Happy weekend to you!


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