This month, in the Family Resources e-newsletter…

This little introvert has had enough! Time to recharge!

…I talk about self-care strategies for introverts! You might recognize some of the material from this post.

Being an introvert, I tend to feel misunderstood sometimes. Our society values outgoing, social, assertive, team-oriented people, and so to not be (or not be perceived as) some or all of these things can raise eyebrows. At various times, I have been perceived as unassertive, shy, lacking confidence, a loner, and a doormat. None of these are true–and probably aren’t true of many introverts. We simply see the world a little differently and may communicate it a little differently.

Introverts have some different self-care needs than extroverts, and it can be hard to meet these needs in an extroverted society. Read more here for some self-care strategies!

Are you an extrovert? I would love to hear more about your self-care needs and how you meet them!


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