Goodbye, Nebraska

I’ve been pretty silent around here lately, and I’m truly sorry about that. Honestly, I haven’t had much interesting to say. The semester was so intense that I’m only just now beginning to truly process what I learned. Louie and I haven’t done much else because of both of our schedules, preparing to move, and the 100+ degree heat for weeks on end.

Last week, I said goodbye to my workplace of almost four years, Stuhr Museum Foundation. My coworkers threw me a wonderful going-away party. Stuhr Museum sits on 200 acres of land and holds over 100 buildings, so throw in some crazy Nebraska weather and thousands of visitors a year, and there is never a dull moment. Here are some photos from my last day.


The Stuhr Building greeted Louie and I as we drove into town the day we moved. The building may look vaguely familiar–it was designed by Edward Durell Stone, the same architect that designed the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. I’ve worked in both buildings. Visiting the Stuhr Building for the first time felt eerily familiar. I love the 60s-ness of the Stuhr Building and will miss it.

Two years ago, the Foundation got to move into the brand-new addition to the Reynolds Building, with the rest of the museum administration. What a wonderful improvement! I got my own office and everything, all brand new! I will miss the views from my office window, and the occasional turkey or goose that pecked on the window.

I took walks nearly every afternoon around the Mill Pond, which is filled with fish, ducks, turtles, geese, and even a resident muskrat. The turtles sun themselves until they hear footsteps, and then dive back into the water. This little buddy was totally zoned out for a moment!

I want to move into the Pawnee Earth Lodge. It always looks so cozy and inviting and cool, even on hot, hot days.

Samson came by to say goodbye. Until you’ve stood next to one, you can’t ever understand how huge bison are.

Not taken last Friday, but this photo captured one of my most memorable museum moments. See that suspicious funnel-y looking cloud? That’s basically what you think it is. We had a bad (obviously) storm three years ago during Cowboy Night. The tornado sirens blared and staff ushered museum guests into the storm shelters. Our wonderful education and interpretation staff members got everyone involved in a singalong until the storm passed, and then Cowboy Night proceeded as usual. This is the closest I’ve ever come to seeing a tornado. I’m okay with that.

Now I’m at home, stuck somewhere between being bored to tears (we’re done packing till we leave) and not wanting to move at all. All either of us wants to do is…nothing. Except see friends for the last time. Which is why this blog post isn’t particularly insightful or interesting. Sorry 😦 We’ll miss Nebraska but are excited for a new start in Louisiana. In the meantime, I’m out living life with people I may not get to see for a long time. Thanks for sticking with me–soon enough, it’ll be time to turn back to counseling, the arts, and the other things that keep me going.







One thought on “Goodbye, Nebraska

  1. We will miss you! I am sorry I didn’t get to go your going away party! Keep in touch and enjoy all the new opportunities that are ahead of you and Louie!

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