This week’s ACA post…before we blow away…

It’s coming…

Check out this week’s post for the ACA My Counseling blog, submitted before we possibly blow away. Now THAT’S a deadline!

Not to make light of a potentially serious situation, but let’s just say that Louie and I didn’t entertain the possibility that we’d be welcomed with a tropical storm not even three weeks after arriving in Louisiana.

After following this checklist, we’re feeling a bit better…although you’d think the Red Cross would maybe come up with a less panic-inducing title:


And after doing our best to prepare, if we can’t laugh about it, what CAN we do? (Answer: Be cranky towards each other for the next 48 hours. That’s not appealing.)

If you’re looking for something funny to read, check out DRAMATIC HURRICANE ISAAC UPDATES on Facebook, because storms aren’t funny but the media coverage sure is.

If we have power, look for a post in the next few days. If we don’t, well…don’t.

To anyone reading in the Gulf Coast area, stay safe!! To everyone else, see you soon!!


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