On the ACA My Counseling Blog–The Hidden Value of Supervision

When you have a moment, please check out last week’s entry on the ACA’s My Counseling blog (which got posted this week…close enough!). Supervision is an integral part of a counselor’s education, especially when you’re 1,000 miles from your university. Right now, my supervision not only provides me with help with my clients, but it also provides some reassurance that I’m doing okay and a link between my old life in Nebraska and my new life here in Louisiana. I look forward to connecting with my professors and classmates each week to check in and exchange ideas!

By the way…I realize I’ve been scarce for a few weeks, and truly apologize. Much of my attention has been turned to writing for Family Resources of Greater Nebraska and the My Counseling blog, so I encourage you to read these. (I started a new job in there, too! YAY!!!! And yikes!) However, I’ve just returned from the Louisiana Counseling Association’s conference and have some great ideas, so please bear with me!


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