In the ACA My Counseling Blog: An Evening Off

My daily routine: Not normally so glamorous or cheerful. Especially the morning parts.

I took last Tuesday evening off, and it was glorious! With the big move behind us, Louie and I are now charged with figuring out our daily schedules–and trust me, we both need them. We are definitely schedule people. Starting my new job has the added benefit of forcing me into a routine, although it also has the added stress of much, much less free time. Now in my fourth week at work, I’m still scrambling a little to figure out how it all fits. Read more about how I’m trying to make it work over on the ACA My Counseling blog.

I think anyone trying to balance work, home, and school can relate, especially all of my friends currently in the internship phase of their studies with me! How do you balance the many facets of life?


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