This week, in…everything…

Eeek, holidays ahead!

…I’m a little slow on the uptake. Two new posts this week for your reading pleasure!

The holidays are almost here, along with the grandest of plans–sometimes that go unfulfilled. But really, life (and the best moments of the holidays) are found in the small moments. Read more about how to nurture those small moments here in the Family Resources e-Newsletter.

On a completely unrelated note: Did you ever tell someone something about yourself and then immediately wished you hadn’t? Yeah. Counselors have to be extra careful about that. Read more about my recent lesson in self-disclosure here at the ACA My Counseling Blog. (Yes, I know the link currently doesn’t work, and hasn’t worked all week. Here’s to hoping the ACA gets up and running again soon, so please stick with me and keep checking back!!)


I realize I haven’t been writing too much at all lately. Most of my writing energy has gone into Family Resources and the ACA blog. The rest of my energy is being sapped by my internship, schoolwork, and work.

Some other blocks to writing have also cropped up.  Organizational problems at my internship mean that I really don’t feel comfortable writing much about  this experience, even though I spend so much time there. I’m learning some valuable lessons, but alienating someone through my writing just isn’t worth it at this stage in my career. I also haven’t found much of a counseling support system here in Louisiana yet, despite attending the conference and reaching out to multiple people. It’s incredibly disheartening–I feel that I have so much to offer, but it’s just being wasted because I can’t connect with the right people. If you’re a counselor in Louisiana (especially the Baton Rouge area), please send me a quick email–I’d like to get to know you!

So I’m not sure where that leaves this blog. I have a few posts planned but nothing groundbreaking. At this point in time, I’d really much rather be at home vacuuming up pet hair, being crafty, and prepping for what’s going to be the best Friends-giving ever, rather than being on the computer for yet another hour. (If you read between the lines here, I’m kind of stuck in a motivational rut for basically everything.) Please stick with me in the meantime, and if you have any suggestions, suggest away!


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