Bonus-for-the-holidays Family Resources post! Avoiding excess consumerism this year

What’s really important this holiday season?

Here’s a BONUS Family Resources column to kick off the holiday season! My husband and I were a little…dismayed…that some stores were opening on Thanksgiving evening this year to extend the Black Friday shopping. This sparked some good conversations in our house about what’s really necessary at the holidays. Sure, Black Friday boosts the economy each year–but do we really need to trample and shout at each other to get cheap TV sets? Is anyone actually buying gifts for other people, or has Black Friday become a giant “me-me-me fest?” And is there a way to fight back against the creeping consumerism that has supplanted some of the true meaning of the holidays?

I realize this rant sounds a little crazed. But I feel strongly that the holidays aren’t all about the presents, and I don’t think I’m the only one. If you’re looking to keep your holidays a little more balanced this year and focus on the people and experiences that make life truly rich, please check out the latest Family Resources e-Newsletter for some tips! And just for the record, the husband and I will be doing the four-gift rule this year–and didn’t shop on Thanksgiving evening or Black Friday! I really do take my own advice. Sometimes better than other times. šŸ™‚


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