This month in the Family Resources e-Newsletter: Beating the Holiday Blues

Poor guy. I want to give him a hug!

Poor guy. I want to give him a hug!

So after writing this column, the topic of the holiday blues has become near and dear to my heart. See, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas here in Louisiana. Our families aren’t around, the weather right now is around 75 degrees each day (I like my snow!), and Louie and I have barely had time to do anything “holiday.” In short, Louisiana still doesn’t feel like home yet and I haven’t had much time to work on this. I’m trying to take my own advice and adjust my expectations this year, and in the end, it will feel like the holidays eventually, snow or not. We’ll have the most important elements, like our little tree, family visiting for New Years, and each other. It just won’t look like the Christmases of the past.

I hope that if you’re feeling blue this year, you can maybe a helpful idea in this month’s Family Resources e-Newsletter.

Have you ever faced the holiday blues? What have you done to lift your spirits?


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