OFF TO CINCINNATI!! The 2013 ACA Conference Awaits

CincinnatiAs you read this, I am heading out of Louisiana (for the first time since we moved, oh my goodness) to attend the American Counseling Association Conference in Cincinnati. So exciting!

It’s a huge conference so I have no idea what to expect, but here a few things I do know. First, I applied for a small student research grant from the Association for Humanistic Counseling, and came in as runner up. No funding, but it’s still a great honor and I’ll be recognized at the AHC Town Hall meeting. I counsel from a person-centered focus, so I look forward to meeting some like-minded counselors–the kind that feel that helping others can’t be boiled down to just thoughts, behaviors, and techniques.

I’m also speaking on a panel! One of the perks of being an ACA blogger is an invitation to speak on a blogging panel and a special reception that evening for all of the ACA bloggers. It is scheduled for Friday, 3:45-4:45, in Room 200 of the convention center. It will be awesome to share my thoughts on blogging and to meet my fellow bloggers. If you’re interested in blogger for the ACA or just for yourself, please stop by. Fingers crossed for no truly stultifying questions from the audience…

Last, I get to see my UNK folks! All of my faculty minus my department head (sad day!) will be in attendance as well as a few students, and it will be so nice to see someone from my old life back in Nebraska. I’ll actually get to meet one of my online professors for the very first time, which is crazy since I’ve had at least 3 classes with her and never gotten to meet her in person.

If you’ll be at ACA, please introduce yourself! I’ll be proudly sporting my lavender “ACA Blogger” ribbon, and love to meet new people!



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