This month, in the Family Resources e-Newsletter…Take a walk!

Spring WalkSpring is…sort of upon us. I experienced some winter precipitation in Cincinnati this weekend, and we’re fairly chilly in Baton Rouge. Regardless, I really love taking walks in most any kind of weather. Getting outside and moving helps me focus and center myself. I try to observe everything around me–nature is always changing, and I find it fascinating how your neighborhood can look completely different in the span of a few days’ time. Walking gives me a new perspective, especially when I take a new route. When it’s all over, I love coming back to a cool/warm/dry house, feeling tingly from moving and smelling like outside.

So as silly as it may sound, read on at the Family Resources e-Newsletter for some ideas to get out, get moving, get centered, and get a new perspective! And if it’s still cold in your part of the world, enjoy a cup of tea when you get back inside!



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