Truly, the power of networking: Guest blogging for

South Park Me

Most fun assignment ever: Create South Park avatar for new blog.

You never know who you’ll meet at a conference as big as the ACA conference, or what will come out of it. Remember this guy? He also blogs for the ACA. I was totally disgruntled in his general direction for about a year. Pretty much everything he wrote made me super defensive–even though I was doing all the things he suggested. So when I saw that Ryan Thomas Neace was exhibiting at the conference, I took it as a sign that I should meet him in person. Figure him out.

And now I write for him.

His last ACA blog post struck a chord–a positive one–and so I thanked him for putting those thoughts out there. See, Ryan is passionate about helping counseling students find quality internship experiences, and while he drives home some tough points in most of his posts, this particular post was directed at seasoned professional counselors. Despite being in a “people” profession, sometimes more established counselors forget how difficult breaking into the profession can be. I have encountered that firsthand in my transition from Nebraska to Louisiana. I network well, but it’s darn near impossible to network if the other person isn’t at least a little interested.

I’m pleased to say that both parties connected for those few minutes in the ACA expo hall, and even more pleased to be a part of, Mr. Neace’s latest venture. For any readers looking for an internship site, start here! This site provides a centralized resource for thousands of internship opportunities across the country. For those seasoned professionals, please consider investing in the future of our profession and take a small step by listing your internship and job opportunities on the site.

As for me…you’ll find me on the blog, discussing my experiences in internship and other counseling-related issues that strike my fancy. Read my first entry here. Naturally, it’s on the power of networking! Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more entries at!

P.S. And if you visit his site in a day or two, you can see my totally awesome Southpark Avatar on the People page! I may start using it all the time.


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