This week’s posts: Working through transitions AND working through internship site issues

Eckhardt Headshot CroppedThings got a little backed up this week, so I didn’t get to put up either of the posts that went out this week. The good news: This was due to finishing some big projects at work as well as finishing up for school. Oh yeah, and graduation is in 5 days!!

First up, last week’s column in Family Resources of Greater Nebraska’s e-Newsletter on managing big life changes. You’ll never guess where I got the idea for this! (See graduation countdown above.) But seriously, I struggle with big changes–sometimes even the little ones–and lots of other people do as well. I’m managing this transition from student to new professional by figuring out in advance what those next steps will be. Having a plan really helps cut down on the feel of “Uh oh, now what?!” For me, that means starting the licensure process, setting up and running a peer support group with a longtime Baton Rouge counselor, writing for my various blogs, and networking like crazy, as well as rebalancing some other aspects of my life.

Next, take a look at, especially if you’re currently in or about to enter the internship phase of your education. What do you do when aspects of your internship aren’t quite what you’d thought? I struggled mightily the first few months as I adjusted to the culture of my site and figured out how to work around certain things.

With any luck, I’ll get another post up this week…and if not, have a great week and see you after graduation!



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