This week, at Counseling A Very Bumpy Road

South Park MeI finished my clinical hours last Tuesday, and after doing a celebratory dance around our house, have been in serious relaxation mode since then. There’s a good reason for that: I was getting pretty run down during my last semester of school and it was having some serious effects on every aspect of my life.

This week over at, I share a bit of my very rocky road to wellness through my internship experience. I know lots of counselors that struggle with self-care, and although I tend to be assertive about my needs, apparently I wasn’t being assertive enough this past year and faced these same struggles. Hopefully, this column will help remind any current practicum or internship students to TAKE CARE!! You’re too important–and life is too short–to ignore your own needs and be cranky and exhausted all the time. And even if you’re not a student, or even a counselor, TAKE CARE !! Life is too short!


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