Life Lately: My First Counseling Job

Need me? You can find me here until July 8 :)

Need me? You can find me here until July 8 🙂

Hi friends! It’s been a bit, and I’m so excited for things to settle down next week. Here’s a little bit as to why–and some exciting changes ahead.

I returned from my graduation at the beginning of May only to find out that my nonprofit job would be ending with the fiscal year due to changes in the job description. To someone who had been taught from an early age that having a job is very, very important, this was tough news to take. What did I do wrong? Where to go from here? And will it all shake out?

It really took me a bit to process it all and accept what was happening. To answer my questions, I didn’t do anything wrong, I would find something new, and it would all be fine. And I realized something else–I was free to search for a counseling job in earnest. With my June 28 deadline looming, I got busy and got networking! It’s not bragging to say that I created a pretty extensive network in a short amount of time. After an initially chilly reception by the LPC community here in Baton Rouge, it’s been great to meet some folks who really care. They’ve done everything from connect me to other people to passing along job postings. One has turned into a great friend, and another into a great mentor. I finally feel like I have a place in Baton Rouge.

June felt like it was slipping away with no progress, but the week before my job ended, things started happening. I’m proud to say that as of July 8, I will “officially” be a counselor–I accepted a full-time counseling job at an inpatient facility outside of Baton Rouge. This position will certainly have its challenges, especially considering the patients will be pretty tough. Still, I’ll have a great team to help out and lots of counselors in and outside the Baton Rouge LPC community as well. I also met my supervisor last week and can’t wait to work with her.

Outside of work, I’m excited about a few other things. A fellow counselor and I started up a peer supervision group, which will be an incredible journey. The other members bring so much experience to the group, so I’ll be learning a lot. A good friend back in Nebraska and I have applied to present at the Nebraska Counseling Association in the fall. And I’ll still be working on my normal writing projects, and other special projects as they come up.

In short, getting laid off is the best thing that could have happened! It just took a while to see it. I’m excited about how life is shaping up: Most days, it’ll be work during the day, come home to take care of the house and see my husband, then projects like blogging, research, and craft projects. Time to walk the dog and go to the gym. Time to see friends on the weekend. The three years of craziness due to school–and then two months of intense job-hunting–have paid off. I’m so excited about this next step.

And until July 8, I don’t have much to do. You can find me out by the pool!


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