This month, at Family Resources of Greater Nebraska: Other ways to journal

JournalsA big secret: I HATE journaling. I don’t have any desire to revisit particularly painful periods in my life–trust me, I remember them well enough–and I usually have a good handle on how I feel about things. And yet, I’ve suggested journaling many times to clients, because lots of people do like it.

For the rest of us, head over to the Family Resources of Greater Nebraska e-newsletter for more ideas on creative journaling. Counselors and clients alike might find some ideas that stick a little better than a Moleskine notebook and pencil.

If you’re wondering what I finally settled on as a journal alternative, you’re reading it! 😉


2 thoughts on “This month, at Family Resources of Greater Nebraska: Other ways to journal

  1. Great alternatives! Love the Pinterest and blog suggestions. And the computer file one full of images and other fun stuff– never would have thought of that as an alternative for journaling per se, but it really is.

    I’ve kept a journal since I was 8. Yep, 8. Not even sure where I first got the idea from. I would get all crafty with the covers of composition notebooks, dedicating a theme to each one depending on what was going on for me at the time. When I was younger they were mostly cute and happy, detailing the latest events in my life. During adolescence it got a little more existential as I dealt with low-self esteem early on and later the loss of my Catholic faith. Now it’s very career-focused, and still a bit existential. Sadly, I’ve lost the peppy tone I used to have in my writing, so now I only write when I’m feeling alone, lost, confused, dysthymic. Therefore, I rarely look back at past entries. I only journal every now and then, sometimes once every 3 months. For me it’s more a way of getting my thoughts and feelings outside of me so I can go to sleep at night, haha.

    I’ll definitely keep these alternatives in mind whenever I suggest journaling to clients!

    • Nathy,
      Thanks so much for your personal insight from a long-time journaler. Holy cow, 8 years is a long time! Have you kept all of them? What’s it like going back and reading them?

      I use my blog as my journal and often times school research or essay projects, too. Writing helps organize and solidify my thoughts, and it’s a little more opaque and safe to tackle my worries and fears through blog posts and research papers.

      Let me know if you use any of these ideas, and how it goes!
      Kristen 🙂

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