Real quick…the latest Family Resources e-Newsletter

Creative brainUh oh, I forgot to post this last week. I hope the powers that be at Family Resources of Greater Nebraska are forgiving…last week was the worst week in quite a while. More on that–and a fresh start–soon.

In the meantime, here’s the latest and greatest from the Family Resources e-Newsletter! Take a little time and get creative. I hear “But I’m not creative!” over and over again from lots of people, and over and over again, I think, “Have you given yourself a chance?” Anyhow, even just dabbling in something can be a great release, open up your thinking, and help you reach that state of mind known as flow. The trick is to focus on process, not product–if you’re worrying about doing it perfectly, it won’t happen. But if you’re experimenting and enjoying the process, the outcome will be so much more satisfying.

P.S. I wrote the whole column without using the phrase “creative juices” even once. Because. That phrase. So creepy.


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