A lot of little things at once

Hi friends! As always, it’s been a while. I’ve been struggling with what to write–not because nothing’s happening. Quite the opposite, and I’m struggling to process it all like I normally do. Here are a few of the things on my mind:

–After losing one of the piggies a few weeks ago, Louie and I unexpectedly had to say goodbye to our beloved kitty, Ellie. She was my first cat and probably the best kitty ever. We found her barely responsive on a Friday morning, and had to make the difficult decision to put her to sleep after finding out she had kidney failure. Even though she wasn’t loud, our house is so much quieter without her. We don’t have anyone to remind us to refill the dog bowl with water, to keep Penny company while we’re gone, or to nap with. Ellie kept us constantly amused because she was constantly doing something silly. I hope that another Maine Coon kitty saunters into our life at some point…but definitely not yet.

Umbrella Kitty

–This week, a patient tried to physically assault me. While this possibility comes with working in a psych hospital, all of us on staff try to prevent violent behaviors before they start. Physically, I’m absolutely fine–our nurses and mental health techs did a fantastic job of responding quickly–but it left a little emotional scar. How DO you forgive and move on?

–I’ve had a few supervision sessions and am learning to navigate that relationship. My supervisor has said two things so far that have really stuck in my mind. First, that I should consider keeping a journal. I politely told her that it’s probably not going to happen, and can’t I just write in my blog instead? Second, she told me to consider turning what I perceive as my greatest weakness, my sensitively towards others, into my greatest strength. Thankfully, I’m now in a profession where tenderness IS a strength. Possible blog post forthcoming, since a journal certainly is NOT 🙂

–Well, I was wondering how I’d stay involved in professional development and advocacy now that I’m out of school. That question answered itself this month! Over the next year, I’m excited to be part of the Louisiana Counseling Association’s Leadership Academy, to serve as Membership Director for the Counselor Intern Association of Louisiana, and to serve on the Government Relations Committee for the Louisiana Counseling Association. More on these after the LCA Conference on September 15-17!

Louie’s school year starts tomorrow. We are both glad to settle into the school year routine again. Hopefully some blog posts on these topics and others will come along with having some more structure in our days. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!


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