About Kristen Eckhardt

I am a: counselor/musicologist, professional/student, thinker/feeler, theorist/practitioner, dreamer/doer, East Coaster/Midwesterner. And now Southerner.

I live with my feet in many worlds. My love of music and the liberal arts led me to a Master’s degree in musicology from Penn State University. After some searching, I decided to return to school in January 2011 to pursue a Master’s in community counseling at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, graduating in May 2013. I love helping others and hope to do some good for my own tiny parts of the world.

“Feet in Two Worlds” is drawn from my musicology thesis title, The Two Worlds of Igor Stravinsky: Histoire du Soldat, Orpheus, and Petruskha. I’m drawn to the tensions that Stravinsky creates in his music, because I constantly stand with my feet in many worlds.

I’m a lifelong student and love discussing ideas with others. This space is for exploring current questions and issues that we simply don’t have time to discuss in my classes, such as how counseling collides with the worlds of technology, the arts and humanities, wellness, social advocacy, and more.

Whether you have none, one, or both feet in the counseling field, please join in the conversation!


2 thoughts on “About Kristen Eckhardt

  1. Hi Kristen,

    I have to tell you that you are probably related to my husband William Thomas Ekhardt and his sister Sharon Ekhardt back at Ellis Island. I forget where in Germany his family came from, but the name is the same with or without the “c”. My husband’s family were braumeisters.

    Besides that, I do relate to you living in two worlds. I am a vocalist and a Licensed Educational Psychologist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. We are planning to move to Chicago in the fall. I was raised by my grandparents in Pennsylvania and spent winters in Florida, then moved with my mother to Ohio. We are moving to Chicago to be near our children and grandchildren. I will still feel like I am in two worlds in CA and IL and in my kids lives and in my career. I hope to continue to follow your progress.


    • Bonnie,
      Thank you for your comment! My husband and yours could very well be related–his family has done quite a bit of geneological research and they have relatives all over.

      Good luck on your move to Chicago–what a great city. You have your feet in many, many worlds! I’m always glad to hear of another musician/therapist. Even though it sounds weird to “outsiders,” I wouldn’t give up my arts and humanities background for anything. It has only helped me relate to others and to think across disciplines in my career.

      Thank you again, and good luck! Please keep in touch through comments, or you can always email at feetin2worlds@gmail.com.

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